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The Clarity goal is to deliver the highest quality products to our customers at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. Clarity Rapid Diagnostics tests are made with you in mind to ensure: ease of use, the greatest accuracy, and being cost efficient.

Customer Support

At Clarity, we believe in providing the best for our clients. That’s why our expert customer service representatives are trained to handle all your needs including: technical support, training, and answering your questions with real people.


Along with a wide range of product options, Clarity provides you with flexible options that competitors can’t beat. With options like special personalized contracts and placement programs based on volume, we can provide you options that best fit your practice and budget.

Our Product Lines

& Fertility

Our Pregnancy Tests offers quicker results with a 99% accuracy rate for fast results that you can rely on

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We offer competitively priced, consistent Urinalysis strips and analyzers designed for ease of use.

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We offer quick, easy-to-use tests to identify infectious diseases such as Mono and Strep A.

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Our Blood Glucose Monitors are reliable and can be used for single or multiple patients. Our strips are economically priced while maintaining the highest quality.

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Our Cancer Screening products are dedicated to early detection of Colorectal Cancer without any restrictions on Food or Vitamin intake for your patients

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of Abuse

We offer one-step solutions to test for drugs of abuse that comes with built in protections from contamination.

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Our HBG meters are portable, easy to use, and deliver accurate results in as little as 15 seconds.

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Clarity recently showcased our products at the JDRF Typeone Nation Summit