Hemoglobin Meters

Measuring hemoglobin is essential for checking the health of your patients and maintaining their quality of life. A decrease in hemoglobin levels can be an indicator of many potential problems such as iron deficiency in patients. Since hemoglobin monitoring is essential for any physical, we have developed the Clarity HbCheck Hemoglobin Testing System, that is fast, accurate, and easy to use like all of our products. Our meters are economically priced, 20 – 40% lower than leading brands on the market, and high-quality just as you’d expect from any of our products.

The meter itself requires minimal maintenance so you can focus on testing rather than upkeep. They are easily portable and battery operated for your staff’s convenience and come with a large visible display to ensure that results come clear. The testing procedure only takes 15 seconds per use and tests for both hemoglobin and estimated hematocrit levels in the blood. For more information please click here!

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