Clarity Drug Testing Dip Cards

Clarity Drugs of Abuse Urine Test Panels & Single Dip Test

As drug abuse becomes a greater problem within the United States, Clarity has developed testing procedures to help your facility identify drug abuse in patients so you can provide care as early as possible. Our line of Drugs of Abuse products allows your facility to quickly and easily test patients and identify accurately elevated levels of commonly abused drugs.

Product Codes:

  • CD-DOA-154
  • CD-DOA-254
  • CD-DOA-1104
  • CD-DOA-1115
  • CD-DOA-6125

Additional Clarity DOA Testing Items

Clarity Drugs of Abuse Controls (DTG-DOACTLS)

Clarity Adulteration Strips (DTG-ADUSTP)

Clarity Sterile Urine Specimen Cup with Temperature Strip (DTG-UCT)

Clarity Drug Testing Dip Cards

Easy-to-Use Dip Cards

Multiple Drug Combinations Available

510K Cleared and CLIA Waived

Results can be Photocopied

Clarity Specialty Drug Testing Dip Cards

Easy-to-Use Dip Cards

Custom Multi-Drug Cups and Panels Available with Specialty Drugs

Forensic Use Only

Over 20 Additional Parameters Available for Special Order

CD-DOA-154 Contents:

CD-DOA-254 Contents:

CD-DOA-1104 Contents:

CD-DOA-1115 Contents:

CD-DOA-6125 Contents:

Drug Dip Tutorial

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Clarity Drugs of Abuse Urine Test Panels & Single Dip Test

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