Clarity Drugs of Abuse Controls and Adulteration Strips

Clarity Drugs of Abuse Controls and Adulteration Strips

As drug abuse becomes a greater problem within the United States, Clarity has developed testing procedures to help your facility identify drug abuse in patients so you can provide care as early as possible. Our line of Drugs of Abuse products allows your facility to quickly and easily test patients and identify accurately elevated levels of commonly abused drugs.

Product Codes:

  • Clarity Drugs of Abuse Controls (DTG-DOACTLS)
  • Clarity Adulteration Strips (DTG-ADUSTP)

Clarity Drugs of Abuse Controls

Control Matrix Based on Human Urine to Simulate
Patient Samples

Ready-to-Use Controls

Ideal for Quality Control Testing and Training

Positive Control Tests for Multiple Opiate Cutoff Levels

Specially Packaged to Retain Potency of Drugs

510K Cleared and DEA Exempt

Intended for Use with Any Brand of Drug Cup or Dip Card, and Any Clarity DOA Product

Manufactured in USA

Clarity Adulteration Strips

Results within 45 Seconds

A Fast Dip-and-Read Test for the Determination of Diluted or Adulterated Urine Specimens

Important Prescreening Test for any Drug Testing Program

Detects Creatinine, Nitrites, Glutaraldehyde, Ph, Specific Gravity, Oxidants, and PCC

18 Month Shelf Life

Easy to Use

Manufactured in USA


DTG-ADUSTP Contents:

Drug Cup Controls Tutorial

Adulteration Strip Tutorial

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Clarity Drugs of Abuse Controls and Adulteration Strips

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