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Better Outcomes™

With a clinical management team that has been in healthcare for over three decades, we understand the ever-changing environment that practitioners face on a daily basis.

Voted 2021 Vendor of the YEAR by both IMCO and NDC


Our Product Lines

Clarity has a wide array of product lines to better service all of your diagnostic needs. Take a look through our offerings.

Clarity Platinum
Urine Analyzer

Clarity Platinum Urine Analyzer
CLIA Waived
Made In USA

Discover the benefits of our Clarity Platinum analyzer. Proudly made in the USA, the analyzer comes auto calibrated with a color touch screen and user-friendly interface. Priced at a fraction of the cost of the leading brands, we provide unrivaled value.

Clarity Platinum Urine Analyzer

The Clarity Difference

Helping you create better patient experiences through easier diagnostic testing

Clarity Diagnostics, LLC is a leading manufacturer of point of care rapid diagnostic tests, diagnostic equipment, and over-the-counter diagnostic tests that are targeted toward the Continuum of Care, Alternative Care, Acute Care, Laboratory, and OTC markets.

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Discover why we’re the industry’s value leader and how our products and services stack up with your current provider.

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