Hemoglobin Monitoring System

Portable, Fast, and Accurate

Clarity Hemoglobin

Clarity Hemoglobin System

  • For Testing Hemoglobin & Calculated Hematocrit in Blood
  • Easy to use – Large Visual Display
  • Fast & Accurate – Results in 15 seconds
  • Small 10ul Sample Size
  • Portable, Hand-held Device
  • Convenient Packaging – 10 test cartridges per vial
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • 90 Days open vial stability of test cartridge
  • Clarity Hb Check Kit (CLA-HB2) Contains: 1-Meter,
    2-Optical Verifiers, Logbook, User’s Manual, Quick Reference
    Guide, 4 AA Alkaline Batteries and Carrying Case

Product Codes

  • CLA-HB2¬†(Contains: Meter only)
  • CLA-HBPROMO1 (Contains 2 Boxes of CLA-HBS50)
  • CLA-HBPROMO1 (Contains: Meter and 100 Test Cartridges)

Clarity Hemoglobin System Accessories

  • Clarity Hb Check Controls (CLA-HB4)
    Contains: one 2mL bottle each of QC solution, solution 1, & solution 2
  • Clarity HB Check Testing Cartridges (CLA-HBS50)
    Contains: 50 Test Cartidges, 1 Code Chip, & 50 Pipettes



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