Clarity Blood Glucose Monitoring System

CLIA Waived
Clarity BG1000 Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Clarity BG1000 Blood Glucose Monitoring System

The Clarity Blood Glucose testing system utilize Glucose Oxidase technology that prevents interference with substances such as Xylose, Galactose, and Maltose. Clarity Blood Glucose tests are 1S015197 compliant, CLIA Waived, and OTC Approved.

These tests are intended for use in physician’s offices, hospitals, at health fairs, and even in the home as an aid in checking blood glucose levels in whole blood to properly manage certain diseases, such as diabetes mellitus.

Meter for Single Patient and Multi-Patient Use

OTC Approved

Strip Ejector

Use with Capillary Whole Blood Samples

Premeal/Postmeal Indicator

Meter Specifications:

Memory Capacity: 300 Results (Glucose Level, Date & Time)

Test Specimen: Capillary Whole Blood

Sample Volume: 0.5μl

Test Time: 5 Seconds

Glucose Kit

CD-BG1 Contents:


CD-BG6 Contents:

CD-BG4 Contents:

DTG-GL7 Contents:

CD-BG5 Contents:

DTG-SL23100 Contents:

CLA-ALSWB100 Contents:

DTG-SL23200 Contents:

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Clarity BG1000 Blood Glucose Monitoring System

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