Urine Analyzer

120C upper left angle CLIA 300dpi (1)

Clarity Urocheck 120c Urine Analyzer

  • CLIA Waived
  • QC and Operator LOCKOUT
  • Throughput of 120 tests per hours
  • Provides automated readings for: DTG-2GP, DTG-4OB, DTG-5OB, DTG-URO7, DTG-10SG and CD-MAC25 (Microalbumin/Creatinine)
  • Compatible with ALL LIS, HIS, EMR, and EHR systems
  • Placement Program AVAILABLE
  • Auto feed mechanism for printer paper loading
  • Light weight and compact, ideal for point-of-care and Physicians office setup
  • Accurate, Precise, Fast and Easy-to-use
  • Large LCD Display
  • Auto calibration and self-check
  • Flagging of abnormal patient results
  • Internal Memory of last 2000 Tests
  • RS 232 port or USB for connectivity
  • Bar-code Reader (optional)

Product Code

  • CLA-120C
    Includes: Analyzer, 4 Bottles of 10SG, and  1 Bottle of Microalbumin